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What is Home Care?

What is Home Health Care?

The Home Health program pulls together a team of trained health care personnel to conveniently serve patients at home. Professional nurses, certified home health aides or therapists visit the patient's home as often as necessary. Home Health helps patients remain in their home by providing the supportive care that they need. Pastoral care is available and will be arranged per the patient's request.

How Do You Arrange for Home Health Care?

Anyone may refer a patient to Prairieland Home Care - physician, family, friend, community agency, church, or a patient my contact the agency on their own behalf. Prairieland Home Care will arrange for an evaluation of the patient's needs and develop an individualized plan of care that is ordered by the physician.

What is the Cost?

Prairieland Home Care is a Medicare - Medicaid certified non-profit health care agency licensed by the state of Illinois. Charges are made on a per-visit basis. Payment for services may be covered by Medicare, or self pay. Such payments rarely cover the full cost of care. As a non-profit agency, we also provide charity care as needed. Home care must therefore rely on community support through donations and memorials to help offset expenses.

Home Care Serves The Community - How Can You Help?

Prairieland Home Care is a non-profit organization owned by the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation. Donations or bequests will help meet charity care needs. The benefactor may indicate the specific area where he/she would like to see his/her donation applied. Donations to a non-profit organization may be tax-deductible.

Whom Do We Serve?

Prairieland Home Care offers its services to any person regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap, and or contagious disease. No distinction is made in the acceptance and treatment of patients, the services provided, the use of equipment and other facilities, and the assignment of personnel that provide the services.